Where to Find Agreement Number Planet Fitness

If you`re a Planet Fitness member, you may need to know your agreement number for various reasons, such as canceling your membership or updating your payment information. Your agreement number is a unique identifier that is assigned to you when you sign up for a membership. So, where can you find your agreement number for Planet Fitness?

1. Your Membership Agreement

The most straightforward way to locate your agreement number is by checking your membership agreement. Your agreement number will be located on the first page of your agreement, typically in the upper right corner. The agreement number is usually a combination of letters and numbers.

2. Your Membership Card

Your Planet Fitness membership card is another place to find your agreement number. The agreement number is usually printed on the card, along with your personal information like your name and membership level.

3. Your Planet Fitness Mobile App

If you have downloaded the Planet Fitness mobile app, you can view your agreement number by logging in and navigating to the “Membership” tab. You will see your agreement number listed under “Account Information.”

4. Contact Planet Fitness Customer Service

If you cannot locate your agreement number using the methods above, you can contact Planet Fitness customer service for assistance. Make sure to have your membership details and personal information ready before calling or emailing.

In conclusion, your agreement number is a vital piece of information that you may need while you are a member of Planet Fitness. By exploring the methods above, you will be able to quickly locate your agreement number and access your membership information. Remember to keep your agreement number safe and secure as it is unique to you and is necessary for any membership-related transactions.

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